Power Rangers Mystic Force: Dark Wish (2006)

Sep 26, 2006 63 min Watch Trailer

overview : The Power Rangers heroic crusade is put to the test when a wicked army drains all color and hope from Earth.
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Firass DiraniNick Russell / Red Ranger
Angie DiazVida Rocca / Pink Ranger
Richard BrancatisanoXander Bly / Green Ranger
Melanie VallejoMadison Rocca / Blue Ranger
Nic SampsonChip Thorn / Yellow Ranger
John TuiDaggeron / Solaris Knight
Peta RutterUdonna
Antonia PrebbleClare Langtree
Kelson HendersonPhineas
Barnie DuncanToby Slambrook
Oliver DriverJenji
Geoff DolanKoragg
Donogh ReesNecrolai
Stuart DevenieImperious
Holly ShanahanLeelee Pimvare

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