One Man's Law (1940)

Jun 29, 1940 57 min Watch Trailer

overview : In this old-time Western from director George Sherman, peaceable cowpoke Jack Summers takes the job of sheriff to help his adopted town in its bid to beat out a nearby settlement for a lucrative railroad contract. Trailcross is trying to get the new railroad and Stevens wants it to go to Mason City. Jack and sidekick Nevady arrive and when Jack faces down Stevens' men, he is made Marshal. The townspeople raise money for the railroad and entrust it to Jack. But Stevens plants two of his henchmen as Jack's escorts and they rob him. With the Railroad Officials due to arrive, Jack must retrieve the money.
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Don BarryJack Summers
Janet WaldoJoyce Logan
George ClevelandJudge Wingate
Dub TaylorNevady
Edmund CobbRed Mathews
Dick ElliottPrendergast
James H. McNamaraGeorge Martin
Robert FrazerRussell Fletcher
Rex LeaseSpike Hudkins
Edward Peil Sr.Joel Winters
Fred 'Snowflake' ToonesSnowflake (as Snowflake)

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