Operation Condor (1991)

Feb 07, 1991 106 min Watch Trailer

overview : Agent Jackie is hired to find WWII Nazi gold hidden in the Sahara desert. He teams up with three bungling women (the 3 stooges?) who are all connected in some way. However a team of mercenaries have ideas on the ownership of the gold. A battle / chase ensues as to who gets there first. Lots of choreographed Kung-Fu and quirky Chan humor.
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Jackie ChanJackie Condor
Carol ChengAda
Eva CoboElsa
Shôko IkedaMomoko
Vincent LynMark / Adolf's Guard
Jonathan IsgarTasza
Dan MintzAmon
Božidar SmiljanićBaron Bannon / Duke Scapio
Aldo SambrellAdolf (as Alfredo Brel Sánchez)
Ken LoAdolf's Guard #1
Ken GoodmanAdolf's Guard #2
Winston G. EllisAdolf's Guard #3
Wayne ArcherAdolf's Guard #4
Bruce FontaineAdolf's Guard #5
Steve TartaliaAdolf's Guard #6
John LadalskiAdolf's Guard #7

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